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Online strategy for your blog and your small business

We've both been running websites since 1998, building and maintaining blogs and online communities of sometimes hundreds of thousands of people. We've seen dozens of trends come and go and can separate from experience what truly works, to make and keep and maintain that sometimes over-mystified human connection with readers and customers.

So if you want to cut out the noise from your online communication, make sense of the dizzying array of social media outlets, and focus on creating content that truly resonates with who you want to reach, give us a shout and let's see how we can help you.

Adam also consults with bloggers and entrepreneurs to strategize the storytelling of their blog posts, sales funnels and even TEDx talks, to turn disjointed drafts into fluid narratives, and to find the best words so they can truly connect with their audiences. So if you need your sales page revamped for better conversions, or have a TED talk to pull off in three weeks, call Team Cabbit to the rescue.

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Livia Farkas, Pro Blogger

No-nonsense living for women with Livia

Digital Divas design award-winner Livia Farkas has built Hungary's largest independent women's lifestyle blog from the ground up. She's written 3,400 blog posts for urban:eve over eight years, for a community of over 100,000 women who she has advised on a variety of topics including fun ways to beat overwhelm, how to balance the professional with the pretty, and how to figure out what you want to do with your life and finally start living. With several big brand collaborations and a best-selling book under her belt, Livia has now launched the English version of urban:eve that you can check out right now.

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Adam Dobay, Pop Culture Analyst

Get deep into pop culture
with Adam

Adam Dobay uses his background in film theory and his ten years of writing for film, TV & the web to write, speak and consult about storytelling from Japanese anime to Hollywood's mythologies, to get his audience understand their life through the stories they're drawn to.

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